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Lamar LED Case Study:

Re-lighting a youth skating rink for performance and energy savings

LAMAR LED, working with Prism Energy Services of Quincy, Massachusetts, helped QYH upgrade to newer, high-quality lighting.

Quincy Youth Hockey     |     National Grid     |     Prism Energy Services

An Exciting Project for a Worthy Cause

RESULT: reduced energy consumption by 54%

Since 1973, thousands of children from around Boston’s South Shore have strapped on ice skates and learned to play hockey at the Quincy Youth Hockey Arena (QYH) in Quincy, Massachusetts. Open year-round, the arena is dedicated solely to youth hockey. The lights that give the kids, coaches, parents and fans a clear view of the action had not been changed since Prism Energy Services updated their lights over five years ago. 

LAMAR LED, working with Prism Energy Services of Quincy, helped QYH upgrade to newer, high-quality lighting. The new LED lights will enhance the light quality, save energy and cut operating costs year-round.

The staff at QYH contacted Prism Energy Services to conduct a lighting evaluation in early 2016. They wanted to improve the lighting quality -especially over the rink- and save money. The arena was equipped with a mix of T12 and T8 fixtures throughout the facility, and T5 high bays over the ice. Prism conducted a site evaluation, examining over 200 interior and exterior lighting fixtures and identified cost-effective lighting solutions for the entire facility.

Lamar LED: Quincy Youth Hockey Arena | Quincy, Massachusetts
Quincy Youth Hockey Arena | Quincy, Massachusetts

Product Overview

Utility Incentive:

  • $21,693.06

Savings Per Year:

  • $11,000

Annual Energy Savings In Ice Arena:

  • 54,570 kWh

Overall Annual Energy Savings:

  • 140,750 kWh

Estimated Payback:

  • 1.5 Years

Product Removed:

  • 27 12L T5 702W ceiling fixtures
  • 18,954 kWh

Product Installed:

  • 27 HBL3 304W 8’ sections
    (54 individual fixtures @ 152W ea)
  • 8,208 kWh

Over the main ice, LAMAR LED retrofitted HBL3 LED High Bay Luminaires. These luminaires are particularly well suited for a cool-to-cold environment. Constructed of a fully enclosed, heavy duty extruded aluminum chassis, the HBL3 LEDs have superior thermal control and durability and are operable in temperatures as low as -30°C at 227V. They deliver almost 17,000 lumens, consume only 152W and are half the width of the previous luminaires, adding a modern, sleek look to the arena. By comparison, the previous luminaires consumed 702W per fixture.


In total, LAMAR LED and Prism helped the QYH reduce its annual energy consumption from 140,750 kWh to 64,613 kWh; an energy reduction of 54%.

As part of their services, Prism helped QYH secure $21,693 in utility incentives from National Grid, the local energy provider. QYH will save nearly $11,000 on its energy bills year-over-year. The retrfit project has a payback period of only 1.5 years, with a 59% ROI every year after it becomes cashflow positive.